Letters to Molly (4th Entry)

This place is so beautiful and relaxing.

This was the first time in a while that I got up early, almost before the rest of the group got up, because of my lessons with Gam. I’ve been spending a lot of time with her trying to figure out this spell primer thing, but lately it’s just been getting more and more difficult.

I was working today, and nothing was clicking. Even some of the stuff I had been able to do wasn’t working, some of the signs I couldn’t even read today. I didn’t know what it was, and it was just getting more and more frustrating as the day went on. Gam, apparently realizing this, stopped our lesson after only an hour and told me to put the book away for now, and instead to just talk. I insisted that we should continue, but she would have no part of it, instead telling me that there was too much clouding my mind, and I needed to free up space to think and to absorb.

It must have been obvious to her. You know I’ve never been that good at holding back when something is bothering me, and I even think she knew what it was. Instead of longing for the magic and the knowledge, I was instead longing for something else. I tried to dance around the subject, telling her that I hadn’t slept well (which was true), and that I was getting a bit homesick, but she shook her head and told me to tell her what was really on my mind. What was stopping me from truly focusing on my work.

I miss you.

The old woman shook her head with a slight grin, then told me to leave and head northeast a way out of the town. Going to gather my things, she stopped me and instructed that I didn’t need any of that where I was going, instead telling me to just go as I was. Apparently I had enough burden on my mind that was weighing me down. She told me to leave everything with her, and if the group came looking for me, she would direct them to where I was.

So I left everything, as I was told. My weapon, my bags, my radio, everything. She even told me to leave Gena and my dice there. I don’t really like walking around without my water bottle, but she also told me that I wouldn’t be needing that either. Another connection to my home that I needed to let go for now. I needed to be by myself apparently, just me and my thoughts.

And this journal.

I’m not sure if she knew I carried this with me, but she didn’t call me on it, so I’m taking advantage of it.

I walked out of town in the direction she pointed, ducking under the trees and brush the wilderness had to offer me. It reminded me of the time we went hiking up in New Hampshire. The path was sloped slightly upward, with a few steep spots that required a bit of a climb, but after probably 45 minutes of walking (I’m not really sure how far I walked out, I didn’t have a watch with me either) before me was a crystal clear lake. The water looked like it didn’t have any resistance at all, I could look down into it and see sand. It was certainly never touch by human hands.

So I sat down and just looked out into it. Just started to think about where I was and what I was really missing back home. I admit that sometimes I get lost in this place. The magic and the different races and the excitement of being out and exploring the world, hell… the universe? Multiverse? I don’t even know WHAT I’m exploring.

But I’m scared. I don’t know how to get home. I don’t have an end date anymore. What started as a few day journey into what was supposed to be an empty site, has now become almost a two week journey into a comfortable hell. I’ve been shot at, I’ve seen someone get shot, I’ve run from someone who wanted to kill me, I’ve been woken up by the sound of large wildlife who wanted to eat my throat, I’ve climbed up a mountain and had to talk down my commander against us freezing to death, I’ve come close to tasting hypothermia…

…All of this, and I don’t know how to get home. There is no portal, there is no train, there is no plane, there isn’t even a path that I could start a 30 year walk on! I’m stuck, and there is no way to get home. There is no way to get back to my family and my friends and…


Shit, I can’t even get a message to you to tell you I am alive, and I’m doing well, and that I love you. I can’t wish you goodnight, or ask how your day was, or how your cats are faring. I can’t… do anything. All I can do is talk to you though this book. This little piece of paper and leather! There is no pulse, there is no warmth, there is no words, there is no love. It’s just a journal! It’s a book! It’s something that is used to hold notes and thoughts and here I am honestly thinking that I am writing in this, and you can hear me! That you can somehow see these words, or hear my thoughts and know that you are constantly on my mind…

…I don’t know if I can do this. I’m not trained for things like this. I’m not a strong person. I’m not a warrior, who can laugh in the face of danger. I’m not a leader, who has been trained to separate their own desires for those he leads. I’m not even that smart! All I am doing here is practicing in a little book, thinking that one day I’m going to be able to do magic.

…Magic! What makes me think I can do magic? What makes me think that one day I’ll be able to wave my hands in the air and scream “Alakazam!” and poof! A fireball erupts from my hand and slays my enemies? That doesn’t exist!

And yet here I am talking to you through a book. Here I am believing in my heart of hearts that you are hearing my voice and feeling my love though papers and ink. Thinking that one day I am going to return home to you.

…This IS hell… isn’t it?

Letters to Molly (3rd Entry)


I feel… horrible right now. I’ve done something I thought I would never do, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

We were at the Tavern where the CO had drummed up a festive atmosphere, and Dennis went on a drunken retelling of… what I believe was Star Wars, but I could be wrong. It was hard to understand a majority of the words coming out his mouth, as well as hearing him over the “ooh’s” and “ahh’s” from the crowd.

Come to find out, after some conversation, that the Gnomes here are the… what’s the best way of putting it, town guard? They are the ones who do all of the physical tasks, whether it be the defense of the town from the wildlife, or putting out fires… these Gnomes are awesome!

I keep getting sidetracked. Anyway, CO Markus got to talking to the head of the squad, a Gnome who had a real penchant with an ax. And not a small sized ax mind you, we’re talking a standard sized thing that I bet I would have some trouble holding! Well Markus just tries to go and take the damn thing from him. Just reaches out! What the hell is wrong with that

The two started conversing again, and after a few shows of dexterity from the Gnome, the CO pulls out his six shooter and takes a shot at the Gnome. He was defending that he was trying to show off his skill by knocking the ax out of control, but what the hell was he thinking! The bullet wasn’t going to hit anyone? How could he have known that!? And what about the ax. The leader might have lost track of that, and someone could have gotten really hurt!

The CO was subdued, and I tried my best to maintain peace between us and the townsfolk here, but it was outside where I blew up.

Hun, I yelled at him. I looked him dead in the eye and I told him what I thought about him. I don’t remember the specifics, but I’m almost sure I used “unfit for command” and “loose cannon”. Maybe even something about him trying to get the rest of us killed, I honestly don’t remember. It was all a blur, and afterwards…

His eyes. My God there was so much pain. I don’t know what it was but there was something that broke his spirit.

After calming down the masses and everyone going their own separate ways, I followed him back to the castle. He was just standing on one of the bridges looking out into the waters, and he wouldn’t respond to anything I said.

I feel horrible. I feel just… If he didn’t like me before, I’m almost certain he hates me now. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone here just sees me as a whiny coward, more interested in this spellbook than I am trying to get home. I don’t think they understand, I want to go home! I have so much more there than I do here, that I’m trying to do anything to get back to you! It’s been… God, I think I’ve lost track of the days since we landed on this… God forsakin planet, and I’m so alone. I’m so fu

I miss you. I miss you so much, and the only people I know here are all so stand offish to me that I’m wondering if they even want me part of their group.

I done messed up Molly. I really messed up this time.

I’m going to try and apologize tomorrow, but…

I think I’m just going to go to sleep.

I love you.


Mission Report: Wild Night at the Red Knight
These aren't the homonculi you are looking for...

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Alissa Morrison


The team spent the day following their own agendas and gathering more information.
Mr. Emile went to Gam to get some questions answered concerning the book of “magic” she had given him. She led him to answers using what he recognized as the Socratic method, though she did not understand this term.

Mr. McQuesten waited for the hunter Rodolf to show up at the tavern. He arrived with a deer slung over his shoulders. Mr. McQuesten befriended the tall, lanky stranger and impressed him by aiding in the skinning of the animal. When asked, Rodolf agreed to take Mr. McQuesten hunting the next morning. They left before sunrise the next day and returned with wild boar. Rodolf was enamored of McQuesten’s modern crossbow. During the hunt, Mr. McQuesten learned several interesting things about the valley, notably that there are no large predators with the exception of an area to the northwest that Rodolf stays clear of.

Ms. Morrison befriended the women of the small town and found that the grapevine is strong in the community. Although she learned much she did not know before, it was mostly trivial information. Gossiping is apparently a favored pastime.

During dinner at the Red Knight Tavern, LTC Markus noticed that most folk seemed to come in to the tavern to pick up food but would leave to take it elsewhere. Sensing an opportunity, he made an announcement to all as they came in that he would like it if the stayed so he could talk to them as a group. The townsfolk readily agreed and seemed excited at the prospect of the LTC’s speech. Once everyone had settled, he addressed them all and put forth the idea that he and his team were available to help out the town with any tasks that might need to be performed. Taking his cue from TSgt Frederickson, he was looking for “side quests” in an effort to find out more about where they were and how to get back. After this speech, the townsfolk seemed positively inclined toward this offer, though no one came forward with any requests.

Frederickson stepped up at this point and began to regale the townsfolk with an medieval-adapted version of Star Wars: A New Hope. He could barely stand due to an overindulgence on Onyx’s brown ale, but his rendition pleased everyone despite the heavy slurring of his words.

It was during this show, that Markus found out that the windborn actually formed a sort of constabulary in the town. Their chief was a large (relatively speaking), blue-haired windborn named Hordbung. The LTC approached this individual and made the faux pas of reaching for the windborn’s large axe where it hung from the constable’s belt. Rebuffed, Markus attempted to save face by displaying prowess with his own weapon, pulling out his pearl-handled pistols and twirling them around. Hordbung, not to be outdone, pulled his axe and began a similar show. Seeing an opportunity to raise the stakes in the impromptu contest, Markus attempted to disarm the gnome by shooting it out of the others hands. The shot rang out loudly in the tavern and the round careened off the axe head. Before anyone else could react, Markus found himself slammed to the floor with Onyx over him, red with rage. In a low growl, the stoneborn told Markus he was no longer welcome in the tavern. When Markus attempted to protest, the stoneborn choked off his words, and then threw the LTC out into the street. The innkeeper moved with inhuman strength and speed. Markus had no chance to resist.

Mr. Emile tried to smooth things over with Onyx, but the big stoneborn seemed to have already put the incident behind him. Stepping outside, he found the LTC recovering from the altercation, and berated him for firing the shot. Markus ignored him, said nothing, and walked away.

The LTC returned to the castle, found a quiet place, and just sat thinking. Mr. Emile eventually found him there and tried to get him to open up, to no avail. Both stayed the night in the castle, though the LTC did not sleep.

The next day, Markus, joined by Frederickson, continued searching the castle to find a way to the third floor. Failing to locate any hidden entrances, they decided to scale the outside walls. After several failed attempts, they managed to use a rope and grapple to get on the second floor roof. From there they could see the windows of the third floor were barred the same as all the other windows. Nevertheless, they tried to climb up to at least get a peek inside. Unfortunately, their skills were not up to the task.

Experience gained: 300

Letter's to Molly (2nd Entry)


Ah, to hell with the rules! It doesn’t matter what I write in here, it’s all going to be probably black lined by the higher ups anyway, so I’m just going to let loose with everything that happens. And there is a lot!

Let me try and set the scene for you. First off, we are safe because of this castle that we landed near. After a bit of a swim, we found this castle off in the distance, and dragged outselves up to shore. Finding it abondoned for quite some time, and making sure things were cleared out, we decided that it would be the best place of operation. The next morning, when we all woke up, we found that the place was cleaned from top to bottom. Literally, everything was as new! The pantries were all restocked, the fireplaces were set with fresh wood, the noticable layer of dust was cleaned off. The only thing that was missing was a 4 course breakfast! It was astounding! I (There is a selection of text here that is furiously scribbled out, almost to the point of tearing into the page.)

Anyway, after resting the night and trying to explore more of the castle, we opted to head over to the festivities, that appeared to still be going on. It was amazing the sort of things that were happening, it looked like a ren faire. A pig on a spit, there was dancing around a fire, drinks, games…

Oh… oh! Hun, there is magic in this world! When we first landed, the people were very helpful in bringing up the boats from the lake, but they were speaking in some sort of a tounge that we couldn’t understand. Normally they will have some sort of a similar dialect to our own, but none of us could figure it out. As we were watching the dancing, we were each taken to an old woman who, after placing a necklace of beads over our head, we could understand their speech!

Molly, we are talking about a magical item here! Necklaces of comprehend languages! I couldn’t believe it, but there’s no other way I can think of it happening.

I mean, I guess there’s a chance that the stones they use could have some sort of a biomagnetic wave or something that could alter the brain functions in such a way as to allow up to communicate, or it could all be an act, but all I know is when I took it off, I could no longer understand them. As much as I’m excited to know there is magic… I know there has to be something about it.

Oh, but that’s not the best part! Hun! There are dwarves! And GNOMES! They exist, and I danced with them! Around the fire, there was a series of what appeared to be at first small children, but they all had odd colored hair, much like mine before I left. They noticed it, and they dragged me into the central circle, where they also taught me their dance. It took a few cycles, but I was able to pick it up! I think I might have made a few friends in that circle!

My God hun, this place is amazing.

But the most exciting part about all of this? I think I have an actual spellbook!


I mean, there’s a chance that it could simply be a small book with odd diagrams to sucker people like me, but there has to be more to it. I know it does because when I look at the diagrams and pictures and… words… my body and my mind get confused. They don’t know what to make of it… but my heart…

My heart understands it. It’s still very complicated, and the reading is slow going (which is nothing new, you know I don’t read in the first place. I still flip occasionally until I find pages that talk about elements, but it’s…

I just don’t know how to describe this odd world. The others are funny in their reactions to this place. One of my team members thinks that this is all some sort of a computer program or the matrix. What’s next? “Cabin in the woods”?

Though I guess I shouldn’t be too condiscending. Here I am, I honestly believe this place to be magic. Complete with Gnomes and Dwarves and…

Is it so wrong to want to believe? I mean, I’ve always played in worlds like this, but I was at a table, with friends in the real world. Now that there is a chance that those worlds I play in when I’m at a table could be a “real world”…

I miss you hun. We’re hoping that a trip over the mountains will help shed some light on how to get home, but I’m not so sure. I guess we’ll see…

Goodnight Molly. I miss you… and I love you.

Sam Emile

Mission Log: There and Back Again
Rock climbing, Joel. Rock climbing.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Alissa Morrison


As evening fell, the party waned. The team found themselves in the Red Knight Tavern with Gam. Before answering questions, she insisted on giving LTC Markus a card reading. Her remarks were eerily accurate and ended with a comment about taunting death that sent Markus reeling for the door. After calming him down, she began answering their questions in earnest. They learned

  • She doesn’t know how they can get back. Only that they can’t go back the way they came.
  • The legend of the Old Man says that he was in the valley before Zed chose to settle there. Supposedly, he will agree to talk to you if you bring him a gift that he has never seen before. She maintains that he is just a myth.
  • Most of the townsfolk were born in the valley. Gam is one of the few that came across the mountains with Zed. She was reticent about sharing any information about what is outside the valley.
  • by Zed’s instructions, visitors to the town are provided with food and other materials free of charge.

As the Q&A was winding down, Leni appeared carrying a small book, which she gave to Gam. She handed the pages to Mr. Emile with a smile. The book contained odd symbols and runes, but Mr. Emile found he recognized them. It appeared to be a primer on magic. The girlish squeals of delight embarrassed everyone but Mr. Emile.

Instead of staying at the tavern, they returned to the castle for the night. The next morning, LTC Markus decided that they would head south with the goal of getting out of the valley and crossing over the mountain. They found the general store and equipped themselves for a few days of hiking. They walked due south, enduring the dropping temperatures as they headed for the snow capped peaks. They encountered nothing but the sounds of something large moving out of sight in the trees one night. On the third day, the crossed the tree-line and continued climbing up bare rock. As the day wore on, the cold became too intense. Mr. Emile insisted they return before it was too late. Finally, LTC Markus relented and the group turned back.

They walked back into to town late at night nearly a week after they had left. The town seemed deserted, but they found the tavern door unlocked. Rather than crossing the lake back to the castle they each found a room upstairs and collapsed.

The next morning they woke to the familiar smells of bacon and coffee. Onyx was serving breakfast and didn’t bat an eye at the appearance of the group coming downstairs.

Afterwards, the team went in different directions to gather more information. Mr. McQuesten discovered the name of a man who spent his days hunting all over the valley, Rodolf. Mr. Emile, TSgt Fredrickson, and Ms. Morrison visited the local temple and talked to Priestess Oda, uncovering a great deal about the deities the townsfolk revere. LTC Markus found Gam in her little shop, and attempted to get more information from her, but was disappointed.


“See Jane cast. Cast, Jane, cast.”
“Cantrip. And does.”
“Extreme downhill, mountain bison.”

Experience gained: 300

Mission Log: A Brave New World
OMG! Gnomes!

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Alissa Morrison


The next morning the team arose and began exploring their new surroundings. Several hours were spent attempting to find a way up to the mysterious third floor, to no avail. The second floor workshop, library, and gallery were searched thoroughly for hidden entrances with zero success. An expedition on to the roof was abandoned as too dangerous.

Mr. McQuesten’s professional eye spotted the fact that the castle seemed to have been cleaned from top to bottom overnight; a job well beyond that of anything other than a large team of workers. Even the fireplaces had been swept and dry wood had been stacked, ready for lighting. Additionally, the pantry seemed to have be cleared of its old and rotten foodstuffs and restocked with fresh. Mr. Emile’s assertion that brownies were responsible went largely ignored by the rest of the team.

As noon approached, the team decided it was time to visit the festival on the lake shore that could still be seen in full swing. A pair of large row boats were conveniently found beached on the shore. Taking one of them, the group approached the distant shore, observing the party-goers as they neared. Several times, people broke away from the festivities and pointed and waved at them. The songs and shouts were incomprehensible. The speech sounded similar to eastern European languages, but all the words were unfamiliar even to those knowledgeable in several such languages.

Upon arrival, eager hands pulled the boat ashore and helped them out. Each member was immediately swept into a dance. The natives appeared genuinely excited to greet their visitors. After a few minutes of revelry, each member was led gently by a young lady toward an old woman sitting under a nearby tree. After a brief scrutiny, a necklace of polished stone was given. When worn, each member found they could understand the native language. Removing the necklace ceased the effect.

With the language barrier down, the team began finding out more about where they were. The people were generally happy to talk and took no offense at any questions asked.

A few notable persons that were interviewed:

  • Onyx: a stoneborn tavern keeper.
  • Gam: the old woman who gave them the necklaces.
  • Leni: a young girl, Gam’s great-grand-daughter.

LTC Markus questioned Gam about the Stargate.
Mr. McQuestern tried to hide from the dance while enjoying the food.
Mr. Emile was adopted by the windborn.
TSgt Frederickson generated several hypotheses for the situation, including holodecks, the Truman Show, and brains-in-a-jar.
Ms. Morrison decided to tour the town and found the Red Knight Tavern.

The following items were noted during the information gathering:

  • Visitors often arrive at the town and then leave. Festivals are held to celebrate these occasions.
  • The town, lake, and castle apparently have no name. The castle is not claimed by anyone in particular and the townsfolk have no objection to their visitors staying there.
  • The people here are divided into stoneborn, windborn, greenborn and fireborn. Mr. Emile has posited that the stoneborn are dwarves, and the windborn are gnomes, while the human-like folk are fireborn.
  • The townsfolk are led by a greenborn known as Zed. The group has been told they can talk to him when he is ready to to talk to them.
  • Gam claims to not know of the Stargate or Jaffa, but upon hearing the name, Leni asked if they meant the “star metal” that falls from the sky.
  • Leni, seems to think there is a old man who lives in the mountains that could help the team. Gam claims the old man is a legend.
  • The town is a small hamlet of artisan stalls, shops, and homes. The largest and oldest building is the Red Knight Tavern.

As the day wore on, Gam seemed to come to the conclusion that the team would not be satisfied until all their questions were answered. She invited the group to enjoy the festivities until that evening when she would meet them at the tavern to do just that.


“Ninjanitors… The legends are true!”
“My hand is starting to hurt. Stop warrenting this!”
“Suddenly I feel like I’m paying more attention.”

Experience gained: 300

Letters to Molly (1st entry)


I’m sorry, but I don’t know when I will get to speak to you next. I know I promised that I would talk to you everyday, but sadly without a way to pass a message from here to you, I’m not sure when you will see these. However, I do promise to at least write to you like this, even if your eyes may never see these words.

Also, I can’t go into too much detail, I’m sorry. You know the rules of this company, I’m not allowed to talk about anything that might be a danger to our home. I’m not even allowed to wear any identifing markings that could trace me back there.

Where ever home is. Without going into too much detail, I can tell you that I am safe. We have taken shelter in what appears to be an abandonded castle. It’s finally chilly, and I have somewhere to lay my head that isn’t dirt, so I may actually get some rest tonight.

My allies are good company, save for my CO. He seems a bit of a hot head, and doesn’t seem to have any issue sending in people to get hurt, even if it goes directly against orders that were given to us. I just don’t get some people sometime. The way they think they are above authority and think they can do what they want because they have a little power. I admit he does know what he’s doing when it comes to combat, like the others here…

Sometimes I wonder about my reason for being here is. I wanted excitement and travel, not to be in a firefight. I wanted to see the world, not to engage with hostile forces! I’m a scientist, not a warrior, much to the dismay of the CO and my other allies here.

I’m just hoping things calm down at this point. I hope to see you soon, and also that things are going well with you. I love you Molly.

Sam Emile

Mission Log: Out of the Frying Pan
That's impossible!

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Alissa Morrison


TSgt Frederickson maintained his position and waited for the Jaffa to withdraw. Unfortunately, only two left while the third took up a post and stood vigilant. After a few hours, the sergeant’s stamina began to give out. Reflex finally gave away his position when responded to an insect bite on his neck.

The Jaffa immediately engaged, but his first shot went wild. The sergeant managed to trip the Jaffa and took advantage of the opportunity by stealing the staff weapon and retreating. The Jaffa pursued with aid from another, but Frederickson managed to shake them without further incident.

Meanwhile, LTC Markus, confident that Frederickson would rejoin them eventually, led the rest of the team to the forward camp, encountering Ms. Morrison on the way. They reached the forward camp just as Frederickson radioed in and communicated his status. The forward camp was packed up while Frederickson traveled the rest of the way back.

Markus called in to make the scheduled report to Col Taylor at the SGC. Markus’s difference of opinion with Col Taylor ended with Markus closing the channel due to “interference”. Mr. Emile broke into the channel and took the opportunity to express his own opinions. The team was ordered back the SGC. A strike team would be assembled to deal with the situation on P36-617.

Once Frederickson arrived, the team started out for the Stargate. The return trip was uneventful. Once the team was within earshot, the sounds of conversation were heard. Mr. McQuesten was sent to reconnoiter the situation and discovered that not only was the gate open, but that a Goa’uld, accompanied by several Jaffa were scouting out their base camp. The Goa’uld was identified as Atum, a minor system lord, by the sign on the forehead of him and his men.

Out-numbered, and out-gunned the team made their way through the jungle to the rear of the gate in the hopes that their position would not be noticed. As they did so, several more Jaffa arrived followed by two death-gliders. Afterwards, Atum left the gate, heading in the direction of the pyramid, leaving behind a contingent of eight Jaffa to stand guard.

Hours passed. The gate opened once more when the scheduled report time arrived. LTC Markus described the situation to Col Taylor and was told to stay put and maintain radio silence, before the gate was closed.

The team remained hidden, but one of the Jaffa eventually spotted them hiding in the jungle. With no more options left, Markus gave the order to circle around and make for the gate. In the brief chase that followed, Frederickson was struck by a staff blast. Although he was still capable of action, he played possum and it quite possible saved his life. The Jaffa passed by him, preferring to chase down the team as they fled rather than check on prone bodies.

LTC Markus made it to the gate first and dialed-in while under heavy fire. One by one each team member passed through the gate. Markus had to grab Frederickson and pull him through as the latter was laying down cover fire to give the team the opportunity to retreat.

Instead of arriving in the SGC, the team found themselves falling out of a night sky into a chillingly cold lake. After a brief struggle to pull Ms. Morrison to the surface, the group struggled up onto the rocky shore of a small island, whose only landmark appeared to be a medieval castle. On the far shore of the lake, music and lights could be heard and seen where there seemed to be a party taking place. The light of two small moons, one blue and one yellow, lit the scene around them and made it quite clear that there was no Stargate to be seen.

Confused, the team decided to take shelter in the castle for the night, assuming no occupants denied them entry. They forced their way through the portcullis, and into the main hall. From there, they made a quick sweep and determined that the structure was unoccupied and had been so for several years at least. What appeared to be servants quarters were chosen for a camp, and the team settled down for the night.

Experience gained: 300

Mission Log: First Contact
Well, that was't so bad!

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson


Three members of the team remained behind to continue studying the cat-like creatures that has attacked the previous night. LTC Markus led the rest to the stone pyramid.

Upon arrival, the team found the ruins of several stone structures. The architecture and carvings were identified as similar to the those found in the Mayan culture.

Two Serpent guards were spied standing at the entrance of the pyramid. The team retreated to discuss options. Despite the protests of Mr. Emile, the LTC decided on a frontal assault to deal with the Jaffa and gain access to the pyramid.

TSgt Fredrickson moved to another location and created a distraction to draw off the guards. He was partially successful in that one of the guards moved toward his location.

The battle that followed was short but brutal; escalating when two more Jaffa arrived from inside the pyramid. Mr. Emile fled, one of the Jaffa was killed, two members of SG21 were injured, and the team retreated.

TSgt Fredrickson, having found himself separated from the group, stealthy made his way back to the pyramid in the hopes that he would find it abandoned while the Jaffa pursued the rest of the team. Instead he found himself surrounded by the remaining three Jaffa while he crouched in the nearby brush.

To be continued…

Experience Gained: 300


First day went off without any excitement. We came through with no problems and are advancing towards the designated objective. The crew is asleep right now and I’m pulling watch with…hang on a sec, I thought I heard something…..

Damn cats….we just got attacked by what appeared to be some sort of huge cats…Emile and Morrison are dissecting and going over the remains. I was able to bring 2 down before one struck at me with its claws. O’Riley and Frederickson got the other 2.

SGT Carlos O’Riley – Did well. Fought off the cats alongside me from the very start.

Tech SGT Dennis Frederickson – Did well. Woke up and immediately proceeded to help fight off the cats alongside.

Alissa Morrison – Missed most of the action but is spending time researching the animals.

Mark McQuesten – Woke up and joined the soldiers in fighting off the animals. Not bad.

Sam Emile – Woke up and seemed to try to help us fight off the cats. Can’t say I’m impressed. I’m going to have to recommend he spend some more time in our training grounds.


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