Mission Log: First Contact

Well, that was't so bad!


Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson


Three members of the team remained behind to continue studying the cat-like creatures that has attacked the previous night. LTC Markus led the rest to the stone pyramid.

Upon arrival, the team found the ruins of several stone structures. The architecture and carvings were identified as similar to the those found in the Mayan culture.

Two Serpent guards were spied standing at the entrance of the pyramid. The team retreated to discuss options. Despite the protests of Mr. Emile, the LTC decided on a frontal assault to deal with the Jaffa and gain access to the pyramid.

TSgt Fredrickson moved to another location and created a distraction to draw off the guards. He was partially successful in that one of the guards moved toward his location.

The battle that followed was short but brutal; escalating when two more Jaffa arrived from inside the pyramid. Mr. Emile fled, one of the Jaffa was killed, two members of SG21 were injured, and the team retreated.

TSgt Fredrickson, having found himself separated from the group, stealthy made his way back to the pyramid in the hopes that he would find it abandoned while the Jaffa pursued the rest of the team. Instead he found himself surrounded by the remaining three Jaffa while he crouched in the nearby brush.

To be continued…

Experience Gained: 300



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