Letter's to Molly (2nd Entry)


Ah, to hell with the rules! It doesn’t matter what I write in here, it’s all going to be probably black lined by the higher ups anyway, so I’m just going to let loose with everything that happens. And there is a lot!

Let me try and set the scene for you. First off, we are safe because of this castle that we landed near. After a bit of a swim, we found this castle off in the distance, and dragged outselves up to shore. Finding it abondoned for quite some time, and making sure things were cleared out, we decided that it would be the best place of operation. The next morning, when we all woke up, we found that the place was cleaned from top to bottom. Literally, everything was as new! The pantries were all restocked, the fireplaces were set with fresh wood, the noticable layer of dust was cleaned off. The only thing that was missing was a 4 course breakfast! It was astounding! I (There is a selection of text here that is furiously scribbled out, almost to the point of tearing into the page.)

Anyway, after resting the night and trying to explore more of the castle, we opted to head over to the festivities, that appeared to still be going on. It was amazing the sort of things that were happening, it looked like a ren faire. A pig on a spit, there was dancing around a fire, drinks, games…

Oh… oh! Hun, there is magic in this world! When we first landed, the people were very helpful in bringing up the boats from the lake, but they were speaking in some sort of a tounge that we couldn’t understand. Normally they will have some sort of a similar dialect to our own, but none of us could figure it out. As we were watching the dancing, we were each taken to an old woman who, after placing a necklace of beads over our head, we could understand their speech!

Molly, we are talking about a magical item here! Necklaces of comprehend languages! I couldn’t believe it, but there’s no other way I can think of it happening.

I mean, I guess there’s a chance that the stones they use could have some sort of a biomagnetic wave or something that could alter the brain functions in such a way as to allow up to communicate, or it could all be an act, but all I know is when I took it off, I could no longer understand them. As much as I’m excited to know there is magic… I know there has to be something about it.

Oh, but that’s not the best part! Hun! There are dwarves! And GNOMES! They exist, and I danced with them! Around the fire, there was a series of what appeared to be at first small children, but they all had odd colored hair, much like mine before I left. They noticed it, and they dragged me into the central circle, where they also taught me their dance. It took a few cycles, but I was able to pick it up! I think I might have made a few friends in that circle!

My God hun, this place is amazing.

But the most exciting part about all of this? I think I have an actual spellbook!


I mean, there’s a chance that it could simply be a small book with odd diagrams to sucker people like me, but there has to be more to it. I know it does because when I look at the diagrams and pictures and… words… my body and my mind get confused. They don’t know what to make of it… but my heart…

My heart understands it. It’s still very complicated, and the reading is slow going (which is nothing new, you know I don’t read in the first place. I still flip occasionally until I find pages that talk about elements, but it’s…

I just don’t know how to describe this odd world. The others are funny in their reactions to this place. One of my team members thinks that this is all some sort of a computer program or the matrix. What’s next? “Cabin in the woods”?

Though I guess I shouldn’t be too condiscending. Here I am, I honestly believe this place to be magic. Complete with Gnomes and Dwarves and…

Is it so wrong to want to believe? I mean, I’ve always played in worlds like this, but I was at a table, with friends in the real world. Now that there is a chance that those worlds I play in when I’m at a table could be a “real world”…

I miss you hun. We’re hoping that a trip over the mountains will help shed some light on how to get home, but I’m not so sure. I guess we’ll see…

Goodnight Molly. I miss you… and I love you.

Sam Emile



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