Mission Log: There and Back Again

Rock climbing, Joel. Rock climbing.


Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Alissa Morrison


As evening fell, the party waned. The team found themselves in the Red Knight Tavern with Gam. Before answering questions, she insisted on giving LTC Markus a card reading. Her remarks were eerily accurate and ended with a comment about taunting death that sent Markus reeling for the door. After calming him down, she began answering their questions in earnest. They learned

  • She doesn’t know how they can get back. Only that they can’t go back the way they came.
  • The legend of the Old Man says that he was in the valley before Zed chose to settle there. Supposedly, he will agree to talk to you if you bring him a gift that he has never seen before. She maintains that he is just a myth.
  • Most of the townsfolk were born in the valley. Gam is one of the few that came across the mountains with Zed. She was reticent about sharing any information about what is outside the valley.
  • by Zed’s instructions, visitors to the town are provided with food and other materials free of charge.

As the Q&A was winding down, Leni appeared carrying a small book, which she gave to Gam. She handed the pages to Mr. Emile with a smile. The book contained odd symbols and runes, but Mr. Emile found he recognized them. It appeared to be a primer on magic. The girlish squeals of delight embarrassed everyone but Mr. Emile.

Instead of staying at the tavern, they returned to the castle for the night. The next morning, LTC Markus decided that they would head south with the goal of getting out of the valley and crossing over the mountain. They found the general store and equipped themselves for a few days of hiking. They walked due south, enduring the dropping temperatures as they headed for the snow capped peaks. They encountered nothing but the sounds of something large moving out of sight in the trees one night. On the third day, the crossed the tree-line and continued climbing up bare rock. As the day wore on, the cold became too intense. Mr. Emile insisted they return before it was too late. Finally, LTC Markus relented and the group turned back.

They walked back into to town late at night nearly a week after they had left. The town seemed deserted, but they found the tavern door unlocked. Rather than crossing the lake back to the castle they each found a room upstairs and collapsed.

The next morning they woke to the familiar smells of bacon and coffee. Onyx was serving breakfast and didn’t bat an eye at the appearance of the group coming downstairs.

Afterwards, the team went in different directions to gather more information. Mr. McQuesten discovered the name of a man who spent his days hunting all over the valley, Rodolf. Mr. Emile, TSgt Fredrickson, and Ms. Morrison visited the local temple and talked to Priestess Oda, uncovering a great deal about the deities the townsfolk revere. LTC Markus found Gam in her little shop, and attempted to get more information from her, but was disappointed.


“See Jane cast. Cast, Jane, cast.”
“Cantrip. And does.”
“Extreme downhill, mountain bison.”

Experience gained: 300



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