Mark McQuesten

Stoic janitor turned government explorer


Explorer Lv-5 Rank-Grade 4 Specialty- Civilian Spec.
Str-13 +1, Dex-16 +3, Con-10 +0, Int-16 +3, Wis-12 +1, Cha-8 1
+3, Ref- +7, Will- +4 Vitality- 39 Wounds-10 Inspiration- +1 Education- +3
Initiative- +7 Action Dice- 3(d4)
Craft(Chemistry) +11, Cultures +11 19-20, First Aid +11 19-20, Knowledge (chemistry) +13 19-20,
Mechanics +11, Profession (Janitor) +11 19-20, Search +11, Survival +9, Swim +9, Tumble +11

Gear Picks +5 Resource-2 Personal Kits-3
Background- Game Master Fiat 3

Armor Prof. Light
Weapon Prof. Melee
Weapon Prof. Hurled
Rapid Reload
Ordinary Past
Extra Supplies
World Traveler

Class Abilities
All Around the World pg 157
Direction Sense pg 157
Obsessive pg 157
Bookworm 1/2 pg 157
Uncanny Dodge pg 157
Can take 10 on craft, knowledge or profession checks

English, Japanese, German

Personal Kits-


After being brought in the the SG-1 building as a janitor, Mark didn’t think much about the weirdness that happened from day to day. He kept his nose clean, did his job and went home with a nice paycheck. “Hard work is it’s own reward.” his PA always said.
Then one day things went from weird to horrifying. Some weird bug/lizards came out of the gate and started chewing up the place…and the people. While trying to help out, he saw one of the officers being attacked by on of the alien creatures and did the first thing that came to him…he threw his mop at the thing. By luck the mix of cleaners he had made for those really tough stains also worked like an acid against the creatures. Through quick thinking, quicker action, and a LOT of luck, he had saved the officer and come up with a top grade weapon against this strange foe.
As a reward he was offered the right to join the SG team and gain special training as an explorer of new worlds….he said yes.

Mark McQuesten

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