Sam Emile

A scientist just looking for adventure.


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A young scientist with a mind that seems to lead him everywhere, Sam is known more for his laid back attitude and supportive nature than his intelligence.

Sam was born in a small town in Massachusetts, to a loving and supportive family. He won’t admit it, but he lived a pretty easy life. His parents were not wealthy, but they never lacked essentials, he always had good friends to help him through the bad times, and he was always tolerated at school. Things would come naturally to him, in a variety of ways, leading him to excel in his classes without much effort, and doing well enough to grant him an open seat at the jock’s table during lunch. Much of Sam’s life was easy going and relaxed, until his father became ill with Alzheimer’s, the disease eventually taking Sam’s father at a young age.

With this, he vowed that he would do what he could with his life to help combat such a horrific disease, and as such, dedicated his college career to the sciences. Once again, classes and friends seem to gravitate their way towards Sam, and he was able to skate by most of his college life with very little effort. It wasn’t until the last year that Sam realized he made a mistake.
While his love for science was still true, he was realizing more and more that he didn’t really have the head for technical workings. He was good in a lab, and followed directions well, but when it came time to plan his own experiments, or apply what he had learned to research, he was a fish out of water. Not having the skills needed to work at something, he soon became bored with the idea of science, and instead was able to charm his way into a biology and chemical major.

The years passed, and as they did, he soon became aware of how stuck he was becoming. Day after day he would go into the lab and work for someone else so that they could pad their wallet, while he would just work for a paycheck. His motto soon became one a coworker use to tell him, “Jus poot een your 8 hours, and den go home.”

To help break up the monotony of his boring work a day life, he would turn to a recent discovery of his. Table top gaming. It was here that he could live a truly adventurous life. It was here he was at home, living in distant lands, slinging spells and swinging swords, saving the world over and over again, each new character a new story to be, a new life to live. This was even better than his old acting days back in high school and college, this new past time eventually taking over most of his nights.

He lived this life comfortably for several years, content on just letting the world simply pass by as he would work his eight hours, get his paycheck, go home, and dream up his new character. He would rarely dream of a better life. Why would he? Everything he could possibly want was right here.

It wasn’t long though before the dark, boring world of comfort was truly presented to him. Through an unlikely group event from an unknown cartoon show he met the one person who could make him honestly see the life he was currently living, and to really start aiming for more.
Molly is a cute girl, with much the same background as Sam. The two really liked this show, the two were both scientists, and the two were both really awkward, especially around each other. They would talk in passing, at first exchanging glances and waves, but gave way in due time to open conversation and late nights. Not wanting to admit it to each other, they soon realized how much they cared for each other, and started going out shortly after that.

She lived a life much like his, working a day to day job, and just skating by, but had a lot more aspirations. She would always talk about how she never felt fulfilled, and how she longed for adventure in her life. Sam, being the romantic that he was, soon started taking her on little trips around the area, using the money he had amassed from so many years of lethargy. This started to coax him out of hiding. What soon became a hike in the woods to make her happy soon turned into an unplanned drive into another country on a whim, because it was there! A trip to a reptile expo to watch her smile soon turning to plans of a snake of his own. What can I do to make her happy turning in where do I want to go next!?

They lived like this for several months before she lost her job, and started to go stir crazy. He tried to keep up and take her everywhere he could, but he was stuck at his now infuriating job. There was 40 hours a week he had to take out that he couldn’t spend trying to fill her life with adventure, before she had to do something for herself. Applying to internships out of the country, she finally landed a position that would take her to an exotic location for a few months.

It was tough on the young Sam, who still did not know how to cope with life. He did the best he could, but soon everything was boring, everything was frustrating, and nothing made him happy. Knowing that somewhere in the world, the love of his life was constantly living an adventure finally prompted him to do something about it.

Quitting his job a week after she had left, and doing research of his own, he found an ad for a diplomatic corp. that was looking to add to their ranks, and with a specialty in a science. Applying on the spot, his lucky star smiled upon him, and he was able to start taking classes right away. With a new sense of drive and motivation, he took to them as he did in his early years of schooling, but with the maturity to apply himself. He took more classes in biology, furthering his education to a PhD level, used his skills of theater and public speaking to win the hearts of professors to submit him for approval for relief efforts in other countries.
What he didn’t know what that his lucky star once again smiled upon him. One of his professors knew of a contact within a secret project that was looking for people like him, and pulling the string necessary, was able to get Sam a ticket to what would become the greatest adventure of his life.

A chance to be a member of a Stargate unit.

Sam Emile

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