Mission Log: First Mission
How many bundles do I get?

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Sgt Carlos O’Riley
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
Alissa Morrison


SG21 receives its first mission briefing from LtCol Louis Ferretti and MajGen George Hammond then proceed to the quartermaster for gearing up.
Getting equipped takes more time than it would for an experienced crew but the quartermaster is used to that. It’s not every day you gear up to visit a brand new world. The team cleaned them out of inertial compasses, however.

Once through the gate, an initial survey of the area around the gate is performed while base camp is setup. Base camp is quickly abandoned as the team heads out into the wilderness to find the ruins spotted by the UAV.

A break in the clouds reveals the team still has enough daylight to get a good head start. They continue for several hours before dark falls and camp is made. (Home away from home away from home.) There appears to be no moon so the watch has only the starlight that makes it through the canopy to see by. Luckily, more than one member brought the means to see in the dark.

The watch is ambushed by several large felines. Four of the five creatures are brought down with only minor injuries sustained by LTC Markus.

Experience gained: 300


This isn’t where I should be. I should be in Afghanistan with the rest of my classmates…with my brothers. The war is…not going as it should. We’re losing. I just buried six friends and two classmates. I have been to more funerals than I can remember. So many men under my command lost and to make matters worse instead of granting me my next tour as I requested, I get sent to this place. Why the hell am I here? And to make matters worse, I have to babysit a bunch of civilians. Thankfully, I have a couple of NCOs with me.

SGT Carlos O’Riley – First off, wtf with the name. Irish and Mexican? Well, this man seems to know about explosives and heavy weapons. He performed well during training. He’s done his time and seems to know how to defend himself. He should do just fine when we gate out.

Tech SGT Dennis Frederickson – This man has a sense of humor. I suspect he’s a gamer…makes weird reference that none of us seem to understand. However, his unorthodox methods have gotten the job done during training. I would think of cautioning him during actual missions…but who am I to do that?

Alissa Morrison – She does quite well in stressful situations and had a handle on things during the training events. I’m anxious to see how well she does in a combat environment though. Regardless, she will be helping the medic patch us up. Time will tell if she’s an asset or dead weight.

Mark McQuesten – One of the civilians I have to babysit, I’m not too worried about this one. His quick thinking actually saved an officer’s life and killed the alien that broke through. This man is resourceful and follows orders well enough. During training, he proved himself to be reliable. He’ll be useful in our expeditions.

Sam Emile – This is the man I worry about. It’s as if he had never seen a fight in his life. Brilliant scientist but cant shoot for shit. I imagine he’ll be along with the cargo if anything flares up. I’ll give him a whistle in case he needs more protection…


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