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  • Onyx

    Onyx is [[stoneborn]]; short with ruddy skin and jet black hair and eyes. His thick, heavily muscled limbs and broad chest hint at a time he was more than a simple barkeep. Everyone in town seems to like him, despite his grumpy mood and gruff manner of …

  • Lieutenant Colonel Louis Ferretti

    A member of the United States Air Force and one of the four survivors of the first expedition through the Stargate in Stargate. Ferretti joined O’Neill’s team on another mission to Abydos, and is put in charge of the SG-2 team after the death of Major …

  • Major General George Hammond

    George S. Hammond is a United States Air Force Major General from Texas, who commands Stargate Command (SGC). He is the successor of Major General West, the commander of the original Stargate Project. General Hammond has control over each SG mission, but …

  • Gam

    Gam is an elderly woman of extreme age. Her long, snow-white hair is adorned with assorted beads, ribbons, and other charms. A long, layered robe covers her and contains many small totums and baubles.

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