Combat Actions

Initiative Actions

Action Type Effect
Delay Free You may voluntarily reduce your initiative by 10 + your initiative modifier, at which time you must act or lose your turn.
Press Free When your initiative is 26 or greater, you may reduce your initiative count by 20 to gain 1 half action; your standard action occurs on your reduced initiative count.
Ready Full Choose 1 half action and a trigger. If the trigger doesn’t happen, you lose your turn.
Regroup Half +5 to your initiative count

Attack Actions

  • Standard Attack [Half Action]
  • Autofire [Full Action]
  • Burst Attack [Half Action]
  • Coup de Grace [Full Action]
  • Cover Fire [Full Action]
  • Disarm [Half Action]
  • Grapple [Full Action]
  • Strafe Attack [Full Action]
  • Strike an Object [Half Action]
  • Suppressive Fire [Full Action]
  • Trip [Half Action]

Movement Actions

  • Standard Action [Half Action]
  • Charge [Full Action]
  • Low Crawl [Half Action]
  • Run [Full Action]
  • Total Defense [Full Action]
  • Withdraw [Full Action]

Other Actions

  • Aim [Half Action]
  • Brace [Half Action]
  • Draw (or Holster) a Weapon [Half Action]
  • Feint/Diversion [Half Action]
  • Manipulate an Object [Varies]
  • Refresh [Full Action]
  • Reload [Half Action]
  • Stabilize a Dying Character [Half Action]
  • Stand Up [Half Action]
  • Taunt [Half Action]
  • Threaten [Half Action]
  • Trick [Half Action]
  • Use Skill or Feat [Half Action]

Combat Actions