Mission Report: Wild Night at the Red Knight

These aren't the homonculi you are looking for...


Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Alissa Morrison


The team spent the day following their own agendas and gathering more information.
Mr. Emile went to Gam to get some questions answered concerning the book of “magic” she had given him. She led him to answers using what he recognized as the Socratic method, though she did not understand this term.

Mr. McQuesten waited for the hunter Rodolf to show up at the tavern. He arrived with a deer slung over his shoulders. Mr. McQuesten befriended the tall, lanky stranger and impressed him by aiding in the skinning of the animal. When asked, Rodolf agreed to take Mr. McQuesten hunting the next morning. They left before sunrise the next day and returned with wild boar. Rodolf was enamored of McQuesten’s modern crossbow. During the hunt, Mr. McQuesten learned several interesting things about the valley, notably that there are no large predators with the exception of an area to the northwest that Rodolf stays clear of.

Ms. Morrison befriended the women of the small town and found that the grapevine is strong in the community. Although she learned much she did not know before, it was mostly trivial information. Gossiping is apparently a favored pastime.

During dinner at the Red Knight Tavern, LTC Markus noticed that most folk seemed to come in to the tavern to pick up food but would leave to take it elsewhere. Sensing an opportunity, he made an announcement to all as they came in that he would like it if the stayed so he could talk to them as a group. The townsfolk readily agreed and seemed excited at the prospect of the LTC’s speech. Once everyone had settled, he addressed them all and put forth the idea that he and his team were available to help out the town with any tasks that might need to be performed. Taking his cue from TSgt Frederickson, he was looking for “side quests” in an effort to find out more about where they were and how to get back. After this speech, the townsfolk seemed positively inclined toward this offer, though no one came forward with any requests.

Frederickson stepped up at this point and began to regale the townsfolk with an medieval-adapted version of Star Wars: A New Hope. He could barely stand due to an overindulgence on Onyx’s brown ale, but his rendition pleased everyone despite the heavy slurring of his words.

It was during this show, that Markus found out that the windborn actually formed a sort of constabulary in the town. Their chief was a large (relatively speaking), blue-haired windborn named Hordbung. The LTC approached this individual and made the faux pas of reaching for the windborn’s large axe where it hung from the constable’s belt. Rebuffed, Markus attempted to save face by displaying prowess with his own weapon, pulling out his pearl-handled pistols and twirling them around. Hordbung, not to be outdone, pulled his axe and began a similar show. Seeing an opportunity to raise the stakes in the impromptu contest, Markus attempted to disarm the gnome by shooting it out of the others hands. The shot rang out loudly in the tavern and the round careened off the axe head. Before anyone else could react, Markus found himself slammed to the floor with Onyx over him, red with rage. In a low growl, the stoneborn told Markus he was no longer welcome in the tavern. When Markus attempted to protest, the stoneborn choked off his words, and then threw the LTC out into the street. The innkeeper moved with inhuman strength and speed. Markus had no chance to resist.

Mr. Emile tried to smooth things over with Onyx, but the big stoneborn seemed to have already put the incident behind him. Stepping outside, he found the LTC recovering from the altercation, and berated him for firing the shot. Markus ignored him, said nothing, and walked away.

The LTC returned to the castle, found a quiet place, and just sat thinking. Mr. Emile eventually found him there and tried to get him to open up, to no avail. Both stayed the night in the castle, though the LTC did not sleep.

The next day, Markus, joined by Frederickson, continued searching the castle to find a way to the third floor. Failing to locate any hidden entrances, they decided to scale the outside walls. After several failed attempts, they managed to use a rope and grapple to get on the second floor roof. From there they could see the windows of the third floor were barred the same as all the other windows. Nevertheless, they tried to climb up to at least get a peek inside. Unfortunately, their skills were not up to the task.

Experience gained: 300



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