First day went off without any excitement. We came through with no problems and are advancing towards the designated objective. The crew is asleep right now and I’m pulling watch with…hang on a sec, I thought I heard something…..

Damn cats….we just got attacked by what appeared to be some sort of huge cats…Emile and Morrison are dissecting and going over the remains. I was able to bring 2 down before one struck at me with its claws. O’Riley and Frederickson got the other 2.

SGT Carlos O’Riley – Did well. Fought off the cats alongside me from the very start.

Tech SGT Dennis Frederickson – Did well. Woke up and immediately proceeded to help fight off the cats alongside.

Alissa Morrison – Missed most of the action but is spending time researching the animals.

Mark McQuesten – Woke up and joined the soldiers in fighting off the animals. Not bad.

Sam Emile – Woke up and seemed to try to help us fight off the cats. Can’t say I’m impressed. I’m going to have to recommend he spend some more time in our training grounds.



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