Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus

Officer-In-Charge and Field Commander



Abilities after graduation and before game starts:

STR 14
DEX 14
CON 18
INT 16
WIS 10
CHA 18

Abilities after injuries sustained in an armored vehicle with a concussion grenade in a field exercise:

STR 12
DEX 14
CON 16
INT 10
WIS 10
CHA 18

+2 CON
-2 Anything Else

+1 Damage From Ready Action
+1 Initiative (with a cumulative +1 at Level 4 and every 4 Levels)
Pay Grade: OFFICER
1 Basic Combat Bonus Feat




BAB: 3 Melee:4 Ranged:5
Favorite Weapon: 2x M1911 Colt 45s 5 1D12 or +1/-1 2D12 19-20 (Fort 10DAM or DAM, or prone and flatfooted)
Secondary Weapon: P90 5 1D101 19-20

FORT: 3 3+3=6
REF: 3 3+2=5
WILL: 4 4+0=4

DEF: 2 10+2(or gear pick)+2+0+1+0=15 or 16/5DR
Favorite Gear: Kevlar BDU with Ballistic Helmet +3/

INIT: 2 2+2+2=6


RES: 3

Class Skills:
Bluff CHA
Bureaucracy CHA
Craft INT
Diplomacy CHA
Driver DEX
First Aid WIS
Knowledge INT
Profession WIS
Sense Motive WIS
Sport STR or DEX

Skill Points at 1st Level: (6 + INT MOD) x4
Skill Points At every other Level: 6 + INT MOD

Armor Group Proficiency (Light)
Armor Group Proficiency (Medium)
Weapon Group Proficiency(Melee)
Weapon Group Proficiency(Handgun)
Weapon Group Proficiency(Rifle)
FIRST LEVEL FEAT (Hard Core) 18-20 Crit Range for unfriendly/hostile/advisaries 1 to CHA checks
THIRD LEVEL FEAT (Persuasive) +2 to Bluff, Intimidate, and Diplomacy Crit Range is now 19-20
Generous – may spend action dice to help result of teammate’s roll, my stats/abilities are used
Versatility – choose 6 cross class skills that are now my skills, at every 3 levels choose 1 more
Assistance – can assist teammate to reduce the time required to accomplish task
Lead (2x) – any or all my teammates can use my skill result within line of sight
Tactics – issue an order to up to CHA MOD (
4) and they receive a +1 when they follow it


Distinguished Service Cross
Defense Distinguished Service Medal
Distinguished Service Medal
Silver Star
Defense Superior Service Medal
Legion of Merit
Distinguished Warfare Medal
Purple Heart
Defense Meritorious Service Medal
Army Commendation Medal
Army Achievement Medal
Army Good Conduct Medal
Army Sea Duty Ribbon
National Defense Service Medal
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Armed Forces Service Medal

CONFIDENTIAL—————Anthony Markus History—————CONFIDENTIAL

LTC Colonel Markus’s military career started at West Point, where he was a member of the United States Corp of Cadets (USCC). Even as a plebe, the upperclassmen would often comment on his abilities as a morale booster and his relentlessness in combat. With each passing year, he earned not only the loyalty of those around him but their trust as well. Markus was someone you could rely on and he would get the job done.

But no one on this life is perfect. Even as Markus achieved success after success, he was also guilty of one of the most perilous crimes at the academy. Markus secretly dated an upperclass cadet while he was an underclassman…a crime punishable by loss of rank and possible dismissal from the academy itself. Rebbeca and Anthony fell in love almost immediately but they knew that their love could jeopardize everything they had each worked for. Because of this, they kept their romance a secret…a burden they each had to bear every second of every day while at the academy. Knowing that it could be years before they would each see each other again, upon Rebecca’s graduation, they pledged themselves to one another and exchanged one of their dog tags so no matter what, they would always have a part of the other.

During his last few years at the academy, Markus proved himself a capable commander in the field, where he could efficiently and effectively read the flow of battle and react accordingly to it. This made him rise to be the third highest ranking cadet in the USCC, only answering to the 1st Captain and his Commandant. His strict and often harsh methods, though very successful, earned him the nicknames: “Hitler Youth”, “Waffen SS”, and “Schutzstaffel” by the rest of the USCC. Even Pentagon officials nicknamed him “The Hammer” on his ability to control, manipulate, and punish the USCC.

A few months before graduation, Markus heard the worst news of his life. LT Rebecca Tolson was killed in combat a mere nine months after graduation. The academy mourned the loss of another one of its own, as it often does when one of its graduates gives their life in the defense of their country, but no one was more hurt than Anthony. He was utterly devastated. Anthony and Rebecca were unique…one could say they were soulmates. When she died, a piece of him died with her and something within him changed altogether.

The last few training exercises led the chain of command come to some worrying conclusions based on Markus’s behavior. Though he had always led troops from the front, he now led them with wanton recklessness. In every exercise, though he now achieved success much faster, his losses also mounted at an alarming rate, with him now always being one of the casualties. Eventually, Markus was injured in a training exercise. He crawled up from within his moving tank to issue orders to his soldiers…only to lose his balance and fall off a cliff-side, seriously injuring himself. Markus seems to have suffered injuries to his brain, affecting his memory, intelligence, and IQ.

Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus

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