Mission Log: Out of the Frying Pan

That's impossible!


Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Markus
Mark McQuesten
Sam Emile
TSgt Dennis Frederickson
Alissa Morrison


TSgt Frederickson maintained his position and waited for the Jaffa to withdraw. Unfortunately, only two left while the third took up a post and stood vigilant. After a few hours, the sergeant’s stamina began to give out. Reflex finally gave away his position when responded to an insect bite on his neck.

The Jaffa immediately engaged, but his first shot went wild. The sergeant managed to trip the Jaffa and took advantage of the opportunity by stealing the staff weapon and retreating. The Jaffa pursued with aid from another, but Frederickson managed to shake them without further incident.

Meanwhile, LTC Markus, confident that Frederickson would rejoin them eventually, led the rest of the team to the forward camp, encountering Ms. Morrison on the way. They reached the forward camp just as Frederickson radioed in and communicated his status. The forward camp was packed up while Frederickson traveled the rest of the way back.

Markus called in to make the scheduled report to Col Taylor at the SGC. Markus’s difference of opinion with Col Taylor ended with Markus closing the channel due to “interference”. Mr. Emile broke into the channel and took the opportunity to express his own opinions. The team was ordered back the SGC. A strike team would be assembled to deal with the situation on P36-617.

Once Frederickson arrived, the team started out for the Stargate. The return trip was uneventful. Once the team was within earshot, the sounds of conversation were heard. Mr. McQuesten was sent to reconnoiter the situation and discovered that not only was the gate open, but that a Goa’uld, accompanied by several Jaffa were scouting out their base camp. The Goa’uld was identified as Atum, a minor system lord, by the sign on the forehead of him and his men.

Out-numbered, and out-gunned the team made their way through the jungle to the rear of the gate in the hopes that their position would not be noticed. As they did so, several more Jaffa arrived followed by two death-gliders. Afterwards, Atum left the gate, heading in the direction of the pyramid, leaving behind a contingent of eight Jaffa to stand guard.

Hours passed. The gate opened once more when the scheduled report time arrived. LTC Markus described the situation to Col Taylor and was told to stay put and maintain radio silence, before the gate was closed.

The team remained hidden, but one of the Jaffa eventually spotted them hiding in the jungle. With no more options left, Markus gave the order to circle around and make for the gate. In the brief chase that followed, Frederickson was struck by a staff blast. Although he was still capable of action, he played possum and it quite possible saved his life. The Jaffa passed by him, preferring to chase down the team as they fled rather than check on prone bodies.

LTC Markus made it to the gate first and dialed-in while under heavy fire. One by one each team member passed through the gate. Markus had to grab Frederickson and pull him through as the latter was laying down cover fire to give the team the opportunity to retreat.

Instead of arriving in the SGC, the team found themselves falling out of a night sky into a chillingly cold lake. After a brief struggle to pull Ms. Morrison to the surface, the group struggled up onto the rocky shore of a small island, whose only landmark appeared to be a medieval castle. On the far shore of the lake, music and lights could be heard and seen where there seemed to be a party taking place. The light of two small moons, one blue and one yellow, lit the scene around them and made it quite clear that there was no Stargate to be seen.

Confused, the team decided to take shelter in the castle for the night, assuming no occupants denied them entry. They forced their way through the portcullis, and into the main hall. From there, they made a quick sweep and determined that the structure was unoccupied and had been so for several years at least. What appeared to be servants quarters were chosen for a camp, and the team settled down for the night.

Experience gained: 300



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