Initial reconnaissance by MALP and UAV indicates P36-617 is a jungle biome, with rough mountainous terrain. Current temperatures range from mid-nineties during the day to low-fifties at night. Rainfall is light but frequent. Daytime heat index can exceed 100°F.

Flora is dense, and appears typical for the biome. Fauna sighted consists of small avians, reptiles, insects, and herbivorous mammals. No predators sighted but are assumed given the significant population of prey animals.

The undergrowth is less dense in a 20m radius around the gate. No structures are present in the immediate vicinity, however, the dense jungle may hide such structures. The DHD is present and is functional.

The UAV sighted what appears to be a large complex of artificial structures approximately 20k to the magnetic north-east. Existence of a population is unknown. Travel estimate by foot to this complex in the local terrain is 24-36 hours.

P36 617a

P36 617b

P36 617c

P36 617e